jean mayo

Loves short hair!

Jean has been with Legends Salon since our opening day, and she has built a very loyal following with women and men who seek a stylist with attention to detail.  Jean started her career in the Northeast, but she got to Texas as quickly as she could!!  She has been doing hair for over 30 years and still comes to work every day eager to see her clients and share her skills!! 

Jean has been happily married to hubby Eugene for 30+ years and has two children Andrew and Allyson.  She also  has two grandsons named Maddox and Anderson and two granddaughters named Annabelle and Jocelyn.    In her spare time, Jean also likes to scrapbook, stamp cards, exercise and be with her family.  

FRAMESI is Jean's color line of choice. It's a highly-specialized color made to suit the individual needs of each client's hair color, type and texture.  Although Jean does enjoy all types of hair, she personally enjoys the challenges and skills necessary to do SHORT hairstyles.  So, if you're thinking of going from long to short,  then Jean is the stylist for you!!  Remember, consultations are free!!

Please feel free to chat with Jean about her favorite professional products to use on your hair.  If you've invested money in hair color, then using high - quality shampoos, conditioners and styling products are a must to maintain that fresh look until your next visit. Some of Jean's favorites are the new It's a 10 leave - in with Keratin, Kenra Blow Dry Spray and Thickening Mousse.   

You can reach Jean by either calling the salon at 512-388-2888 or emailing us at and put JEAN in the subject line.  Please remember that Jean's experience is in high demand, and she books several weeks in advance, but she is totally worth the wait!!